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How do I make entries by email?

Making journal entries by email is an easy way to quickly add new journal entries without having to signin to the app. Each of your journals has its own email address which you can send new entries to at any time, or you can reply directly to any reminder emails you receive.
Please note that making journal entries by email will only work when the entry is sent from your own email address!

Protect Your Privacy

Always remember to take care when sending entries by email. Email is not always encrypted, secure, or private, and emails may be logged or read by your employer, email provider, ISP, or others. If you aren't sure, signin to the app to keep your entries private.

Step 1

To create journal entries by email, first ensure that 'Entries by email' is enabled in the email section of your journal settings.
An image showing where to enable email entries

Step 2

Create a new email addressed to your journal's entry email address, which can be found in your journal's email settings.
Alternatively, reminder emails are always sent from your journal's entry email address, so you can reply directly to any reminder emails you have configured for your journal.
An image showing where to find your journal's email address

Step 3

Start writing! Add your desired entry title as the subject field of the email, and write your entry in the main body of the email.
An image showing how to format your email entry

Step 4

When you are done, simply send the email and your new entry will appear in your journal.
An image showing an entry made by email
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